Our Community

Every first timer to The Boulder Hub receives an induction which includes a run down on general etiquette and safety. A huge reason behind this is not only maximising safety for all participants, but also ensuring that indivuduals conduct themselves in a way that is considerate of fellow climbers.

We are incredibly proud of our eclectic yet cohesive community here at The Boulder Hub.

With regular climbers aged 5-60, participants of all ages, abilities and experience are able to use our facility simultaneously, in a way that is respectful and supportive of others.

No kids running around on mats. No people lying on the mats or standing in the way. No people hogging the wall.

Come and experience the difference!

If you’d like to make a training friend of two, or perhaps join us for a ‘family event’,  you may also consider joining our Hub Community Facebook Group. Just send us a request.