Welcome back

As a result of the easing of restrictions based around Sporting and Recreational activities, we are incredibly pleased to notify our awesome community that we are once again open for business.

As part of our right of passage to open up again, we have been asked to make significant and temporary changes to how we operate in order to mitigate risks to our climbers. Some of these changes include managing how people engage in climbing, size of groups, social distancing outside and within the facility and the introduction of a Covid Safety Agreement Form and Induction. Small sacrifices that will hopefully enable us to engage in climbing again.

We are incredibly grateful that the Australian Government and the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) acknowledge that exercise plays a significant role in the lives of Australians.

Our Safety Plan

The purpose of our Covid-19 Safety Plan is to enable us to reopen our doors in a manner which is compliant with government expectations, and mitigates the risks of spread to our community of climbers.

We are asking our community to be aware of, respect, fulfill and uphold all measures included in this document for the sake of their own health, the health of other community members as well as our staff. Our safety plan will be displayed at the entrance and throughout our facility. The ability of our community to access climbing/ bouldering facilities hinges on the successful implementation of these Covid 19 Safety Plans.

Our plan has been developed as the result of a collaboration between Sport Climbing WA and commercial facilities, and incorporates strategies to mitigate risk of transmission, based on information obtained from The World Health Organisation, AIS, and the Australian Government.

Please click on link below to view our Safety Plan

View our Safety Plan