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Personal protective protocols

·        Climbers must have completed a Covid-19 Safety Agreement Form

·        Climbers must adhere closely to social distancing guidelines of 1.5m between people, and follow all direction presented by signage and staff regarding movement around facility, including entry and exit points.

·        On entry to facility climbers must sanitise hands as well as any equipment that will be taken with them when bouldering ie water bottles, phones.

·        Climbers are required to sanitise hands prior to first boulder, and before each subsequent new boulder attempted

·        Only liquid chalk can be used in the facility at this time

·        No sharing of equipment and no cleaning of holds

·        Used studio equipment has to be returned to sanitizing station immediately after use

·        Climbers must use a large towel in studio

·        Climbers must wash/ sanitise hands prior to exiting the facility


General Protective Protocols

·        Climbers MUST participate in organized group training sessions to engage in climbing at the facility

·        Sessions are 1 ½ hrs (following ½ hr reserved for cleaning facility prior to next group)

·        Climbers are to wear climbing shoes when climbing.

·        Hire shoes will be available for hire but limited, as sanitisation will be required between wears, and can not be worn without socks

·        Climbing shoes may not be worn into bathrooms

·        Studio is to be used only when under supervision from Hub staff

·        Showers can NOT be used at this time

·        No spectators are permitted unless there is a special needs requirement from climber

·        Parents of Youth Squads are not permitted to enter building and are welcome to stay in carpark providing social distancing is maintained

·        When making payments at front counter, please observe social distancing markings on floor, and refrain from touching or leaning on counter

·        Taps can not be used to fill water bottles. Drinks will be available at the counter


What we are doing to keep you safe

·        Prepaid booking system which includes Covid-19 waiver to prevent potential bottlenecks at entry point

·        Maximum 20 participant limits with two instructors present

·        Providing ample hand sanitizer, hand soap and paper towel to keep clean and help mitigate risk of transmission

·        Ensuring that participants follow all protocols

·        Organised sessions to help manage group and assist in maintaining of hygiene protocols

·        Cleaning and sanitizing all common surfaces frequently as well as deeper clean/ sanitising in between sessions



Thank you

There is no doubt that this experience will be very different to a standard session at The Hub. Your consideration and understanding is greatly appreciated in these transitional times.

We hope you enjoy our training sessions, and that simply being able to engage in this sport that you love, at what ever capacity is available, will bring you enjoyment and help insert some normality into your lives.

We will do everything within our power to keep our climbers safe.

Please do not attend the facility if you are feeling unwell, are showing Covid-19 like symptoms including general fatigue or have been near someone in self isolation or suspected of having the Covid-19 virus/ symptoms.

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