People train for lots of different reasons!

The word ‘training’ tends to conjure ideas of extreme pain and suffering usually brought on as a result of an epic cardio or HIIT style workout. It hurts and it’s repetitive.

Training for climbing is a little different.

The act of training for climbing involves training our minds to be positive, our bodies to be adaptable, our muscles to be strong and our bodies more mobile. Its engaging, physically and mentally rewarding, and meditative for most. You really can’t think about a thing outside the moment that you are in!

Focusing on any single one of the above training aspects will see a climber make huge improvements, and combining a few of the training aspects mentioned above would see a climber accomplishing things they had never though possible!

Our coaches and trainers at the Hub invite you to join us on this journey. Whether its ‘One on One’ training or Group Fitness sessions with or without climbing, our trainers are here to help.

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