Alan Pryce

Owner / Operator

Head Route Setter / Climbing Coach

Year he started climbing: 1996
Year he was born: 1980
Favourite bouldering area: Fontainbleau
Favourite climbing area: Taipan Wall
Best competition result: 18th place Birmingham Bouldering World Cup 2005
Why he loves climbing:

What I love about climbing is simple, it’s who I am!
Climbing just feels right.
I have found myself through climbing and met the closest friends along the way. It has given me the best experiences in life and provided many challenges that have helped me develop into the person I am today.

Christina Bedard

Owner / Operator

Climbing Coach / Route Setter

Year she started climbing: 1996
Year she was born: 1975
Favorite bouldering area: Fontainbleau
Favorite climbing area: Red River Gorge, Kentucky/ Taipan Wall, Grampians
Best competition result: 11th place Birmingham Bouldering World Cup 2005
Why she loves climbing:

Climbing has the ability to be so many different things, offering a multitude of challenges, and delivering rewards in a myriad of forms, constantly evolving with life. From just a little fun with friends, challenging myself on difficult climbs and boulders, to training and competing in high level competitions, climbing has brought me focus and a great deal of happiness.
It has allowed me to see sights rarely seen by many, breathe fresh air and travel the world, meeting and sharing my adventures with a variety of people from a variety of backgrounds, making me part of a far reaching climbing community full of inspiring enthusiasts and professionals.

Jason Liew

Social Media/ Marketing/Route Setting

Year he started climbing: 2011
Year he was born: 1993
Favorite bouldering area: Grampians
Favorite climbing area: Nowra
Best Competition Result: 4th place Catalyst 2018
Why he loves climbing:

Climbing is natural to me. It is a sport, a hobby, a social event, a health and fitness activity, a passion, my life.
Climbing was a wonderful surprise to me ever since I was introduced to it and I have never regretted a moment of it.
The people I have met, the experiences I’ve had, the moments I’ve shared and the places I’ve been through climbing has shaped who I am today and it will continue to shape me throughout my life.

Liam Nicholls

Youth Coach for Development Squad/ General Gym Staff

Year he started climbing: 2014
Year he was born: 1999
Favorite climbing area: Thailand, Greece
Why he loves climbing: Climbing is special to me as it allows me to travel the world and meet like minded people who inspire me to push my limits in the sport. I’m very passionate about climbing outdoors or real rock, with some of my fondest memories having come from crag days and outdoor climbing adventures.

Carina Hemmers

General Coach/ Youth Coach for Recreational Youth Squad/ General Gym Staff/ Climbers Bloc Trainer

Year she started climbing: 2016
Favorite bouldering area: I haven’t had the chance to explore a lot of outdoor climbing yet, but I love heading down south to Contos or Copper Rocks for a day or weekend trip. I love that the bouldering is right by the ocean! Kalbarri is also great for a long weekend!
Favourite song to train to: Anything upbeat and that I can sing along to.
Dream Holiday: There are so many! Hiking in Nepal and Patagonia. Machu Picchu. Bouldering in Font, the Gramps, and Castle Hill. I can’t pick just one!
Hobbies: Bouldering! But I actually also enjoy strength training and the occasional swim. Outside of my fitness hobbies,I catch up with friends, go to the movies, and read.
Favourite Book: The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss.

Max Pare

Junior Youth Coach/ General Gym Staff

Year he started climbing: 2015
Born: 2003
Best Competition Result:
Why he loves climbing: What I like about climbing is how it is not only a physical sport but also a mental challenge. I also love the community around climbing. Any time you go into a bouldering gym and you fall off something, different people will come up to you and offer advice on how to complete it….even if they don’t know you. Everyone is extremely friendly and will always try to make you a better climber.
Favorite Comp: Catalyst for sure!!

Best Competition Result: Yet to come! (has been ranked number 1 in country for age).