Introduction to Rules and Etiquette

Indoor bouldering is an incredibly safe, fun and social sport providing simple common sense rules and etiquette are maintained. For your own enjoyment and safety, as well as that of other patrons, please be familiar with and follow the Bouldering Rules and Etiquette guidelines below. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask our staff.

Please note: The Boulder Hub Staff reserve the right to refuse a new or existing patron entry to facility, and or ask patrons to leave facility, if they believe that safety or comfort of that individual or other patrons is in question.

Bouldering Rules

  • Accept responsibility for your actions. Bouldering can be dangerous, and as with most sports has its inherent dangers.
  • Due to the dynamic nature of bouldering, limbs and entire bodies can come hurtling from all directions. Be aware and keep clear of other boulderers on the wall at all times.
  • Be responsible for your safety. Only climb as high as you are comfortable to fall or jump down
  • At The Boulder Hub there is a no drug or alcohol policy
  • Clean shoes only to be worn on safety matting and for climbing on bouldering walls. Street shoes will have to be presented at counter on entry to facility
  • No food or drinks on mats
  • No chalk bags on mats
  • No running, loitering or lounging on mats
  • Children under 16 must have satisfactorily completed an ‘Earn your stripes’ training session and have demonstrated safe and respectful use of bouldering and training facility.
  • Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Etiquette Guidelines

  • Maintain at least 4 meters from other climbers to eliminate the chance of collisions
  • Once finished attempt on boulder, move off matting to allow other climbers to take turns
  • Brush holds frequently
  • Either clean up or report chalk spills immediately
  • If you drop food or spill a drink please clean it up immediately
  • No circuits on newly set walls
  • Report spinning holds immediately
  • No excessive swearing
  • Be considerate of how your behaviour affects others
  • Everyone of all abilities is welcome at The Boulder Hub. Please encourage and help people enjoy this amazing sport.
  • Talk to staff if someone or a group of individuals are making you uncomfortable or tainting your experience.
  • If you have any concerns please do not hesitate to talk to staff